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Late/Absence Procedures

Pupil absences

The school office is open from 8:30am but in the event that no-one answers the phone, you can leave a voicemail and this will be picked up. You can also email your child's absence to

Pupils should attend school at all times. However, pupils sometimes cannot attend due to illness or any other circumstances. If your child cannot attend school for any reason, you MUST contact the school office immediately to inform us. We have a duty of care to know where our pupils are. You, as a parent, have a duty of responsibility to inform school about your child's absence.

Once registration has been taken in class, the school office will check through each class register to see who is missing. If by 9:30am we haven't heard from you about your child, you will receive a text or phone call to ask why your child isn't in school.


If you know your child is going to be late, please contact the office to inform us.  

If a pupil arrives late but before 9am, it will be marked on the register as late. If a pupil arrives after 9am, it will be marked on the register as a U. A 'U' means an unauthorised morning session.

Please ensure your child is in school every day and on time.

You can refer to our school attendance policy regarding absences and lates.