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School Council

At the start of each academic year, classes vote for their new school council members, who attend weekly meetings, ensuring that pupils have a chance to input their thoughts and ideas into school life.

Below is an overview outlining weekly themes.

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Which charities should we support as a school? What is great about life at our school? What makes a good lesson?

How will we promote Anti-bullying week in school?

Antibullying Week

How is the good to be green system working? Are we safety aware?



What does being a British Citizen mean to us? What does being a British Citizen mean to us?

Are we safe online?

Safer Internet Day

How can we celebrate World Book Day?

WBD 2018

What is in our local community? How can we improve our local community?

Summer 2024

Are we a healthy school? Are we a happy school? How can we promote wellbeing in school?

What is Science important?

School Science Week

Why is a school council important? How have we benefited the school this year?