Oakhill Primary School

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The HOPE Project

The Hope Project (Helping Our Pupils’ Emotions) is  a project that offers mental health support to children and families in Primary and Secondary schools.


The Hope Project has been developed over the last few years and has positive outcomes for children who have an emotional need for support.  We have a member of Oakhill and two members of staff at Hanbury's Farm School who are trained to understand the mental health of young people and enhance their emotional understanding and resilience skills. These staff also work at across the federation with any children who are referred to the project. 


Our HOPE mentors offer a “listening ear” support service that complements the promotion of emotional wellbeing of pupils in our school.  This project is available to help your child/family at times of difficulty such as loss, change, sadness, anxiety or any other of life’s difficulties.


This provision delivered in school complements a whole school approach to positive health and psychological wellbeing.  The project/school offers a safe space to talk in an environment the child feels comfortable.  Referrals to HOPE may be made by a member of school staff or by parents if and when you may feel that your child needs extra support with their wellbeing.


The HOPE project is overseen by Burden Basket, who ensure that our staff are trained with the most relevant and up-to-date information. The Burden Basket also offer support for 

parent/carers online via workshops and chat at


If you have any further questions, regarding the HOPE project, please get in contact with our school office.