School Meals

School Meals

At Oakhill we are a ‘Healthy Eating School’ and we encourage children and parents to make healthy food choices. 
The lunchtime period is 12.15 to 1pm. The younger reception children come into the hall at 12 noon to enable them to be seated and settled before the older children join them. 
We operate a self-service session and children having school meals choose between two options prior to joining there friends at the hatch. Children clear away their trays before leaving the hall to play outside.
As part of the school ethos we expect the children and staff to conduct themselves with manners and be courteous to others. We encourage the children to remain seated whilst eating. We would expect them to eat the savoury part of their lunch before eating the remainder. We encourage children to eat using their knife and folk where appropriate. 
We have a number of lunchtime supervisors who support the children during the lunchtime period. They will encourage the children to eat their food and report any concerns to the class teacher who will in turn share these concerns with you. 
We recommend lunchboxes have a variety of foods your child will enjoy but avoiding chocolate and sweets. Children deposit their lunchboxes on the sandwich trolley when they arrive in school. The lunchboxes are refrigerated during the morning.

​Entrust are our catering suppliers. We have a rolling three week menu which is displayed in each classroom and in the school office window. More information about school meals is available to view at:


Free School Meals

Your child/children may be entitled to get free school meals if you receive any of the following:

Morning Break Snacks

A variety of snacks are available to purchase for morning break. Children order and pay for these during the morning register period. Morning snacks are paid for on Monday mornings.
At the moment the following options are available:

Toast - 25p
Milk - 25p

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