Oakhill Primary School

Growing and Succeeding Together


At Oakhill Primary School, we aim for our children not just to become adept users of the language, but enthusiastic admirers thereof. Through the use of meticulously selected texts and engaging writing activities, we hope to produce in our pupils an eagerness to use language, to enjoy writing and creating and to be able to immerse themselves with ease into the fountain of knowledge that is reading. 


Through an engaging text-based approach, we enable our children to become critical readers while exposing them to a panoply of varied and interesting lexical and stylistic authorial choices that they can then use in their own writing.


As a result of this method of teaching, meeting the grammatical requirements of the curriculum is no longer an arduous, mechanistic chore but is instead naturally embedded into the children's daily engagement with the texts, making grammar teaching more accessible, effective and enjoyable. The children set their own linguistic success criteria in what they all know as 'G4W' (Good For Writing), which produces confident, reflective writers who understand what is required from every textual genre. 


We hope to inspire our children in our coverage of the curricular Reading strategies by using exciting book choices such as the non-fiction Corpse Talks and classic and modern poetry, as well as a wide range of powerful fictional texts such as The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, which allow us to explore fascinating and deeply moving themes such as the effects of conflict and the plight of children during World War Two. 


In the Early Years, we have discovered the significant impact of 'Read Write Inc.' and how it helps to accelerate the children's ability to read from the very outset of their learning journeys.