Sports Premium

The Sports Premium is awarded to schools to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport.  This is for the benefit of primary-aged pupils to give them the opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle.  Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6.  At Oakhill Primary school, our physical education vision aims to encourage all pupils to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and fulfilling in order to raise their attainment, extend their potential and develop a lifelong active lifestyle.

In 2016-2017 we received a total of £8,600.

The action plan below identifies how the sport funding at Oakhill Primary school has been used to raise the profile and improve sport and PE provision.


Key Priorities

. To improve the fitness levels and general health of children within the school

. To give all children access to a variety of different sports and physical activities

. To promote fitness and heathy eating as a part of everyday life



Success Criteria

Actions (processes)



Impact of funding

To improve the levels of fitness and general health of children within the school.


  • Children to enjoy PE lessons and strive to improve their own fitness levels.
  • Fitness to be a priority across PE lessons.


2 PE lessons weekly



  • Range of activities to introduced to encourage children’s participation. (boxercise, cheerleading)


2 PE lessons weekly



  • Introduce ‘Jump Start Jonny’ with year 1-6.

‘Wake Up Shake Up’ with Reception


December 2016



  • Introduce the daily mile with year 6. To increase concentration and fitness.

January 2017



  • Level  6 PE course to be completed by PE coordinator

October 2016

£250 course fee

£400 for 2days of cover      


To give all children access to a variety of different sports and physical activity.


  • Wide range of high quality resources available to all staff and children.
  • Day out of class to audit the recourses in the PE cupboard and order new resources.

January 2011

£200 for cover

£1000 for resources


  • Encourage recourses to be used at lunchtimes.


March 2017



  • Mark out the playground to include:

            Courts to use during PE lessons

            A range of playground games (what’s the

            time Mr Wolf, HopScotch, Snakes and


May 2017

In process of applying for a grant to support this payment.








  • Order resources to be used at break and lunchtime for playground games,

June 2017



  • Childrens gym equipment to be installed on to the playground to be used at breaks and lunchtime.

January 2017

£1000 instillation fee


  • The number of children involved in extra-curricular activities increases


  • PE clubs to be available after school. Including a range of activities not included in PE lessons.

Spring 1



  • Contact local clubs to encourage links.

Tamworth Running club

Tamworth Boxing Club

G-force Gymnastics club

Tamworth Rugby

Tamworth Cricket club

Spring 1



To raise the profile of a healthy lifestyle.

  • All children are taught about healthy lifestyles as a part of the curriculum.
  • Endure healthy eating and the importance of exercise has a high profile throughout the school.
  • School council to become involved in raising profile of Healthy Lifestyle.

March 2017







  • Fruity Fridays to be completed every Friday to enable children to try a variety of fruit and vegetables beyond their usual experiences. 





  • Create sporting profiles for staff and pupils to display in school.








Total anticipated spend: